Imperial View and Co.

Imperial View takes the impossible and makes it possible when it relates to doorways and feature walls of your home.

We specialise in unique projects, implementing engineering top high end solutions with provided long term guarantee.

Michael Afon started this niche market business after 20 years as a master European joiner of engineered staircases – bringing his exceptionally high standards of quality to New Zealand.

The former mechanical engineer joined forces with his architect/project manager son Lev, to bring the Imperial View business to life, using the strategic systems he implemented from running his own joinery factory.

“Imperial View’s main goal is to keep developing the best quality, and high end designed doors and features. We are not one-hit wonders; consistency is the cornerstone to all of our undertakings when it comes to your front doors and wall features, we are Rolls Royce. With your vision we craft our creation.”

“Consistency is the cornerstone to all of our undertakings”

Previously working on high end fit-outs, architectural doors, and engineered staircases, Michael also built his own monastery back in Europe.

Emigrating to New Zealand where language was a barrier initially, Michael had to begin his career again, working his way up through the ranks of a joinery factory – before eventually passing on some of his knowledge and skills to strengthen the company he worked for.

“We specialize in unique, and almost impossible projects, implementing engineered top high-end solutions with provided long term guarantee.”

With Imperial View, the business aims to make your home completely different, and the entrance in particular is one of the most significant parts. “We are here to create a piece of art for your home.”

No two pieces of work at the same, with every doorway having two different sides – such is the complex nature of the project, and the hours that go into making each one by hand.

Being affected by humidity and sunlight, the timber doors can move in heat when not protected, and moisture can crack it, so they all have to be properly sealed, which is a process in itself.

“Anything will have a tough life. It needs to not only just be good looking, but reliable, durable and functional that lasts forever,” Michael said.

With each product individually carved like a piece of sculpture, these beautiful doorways and feature walls will set the scene to your home or business.

Lev got involved in the business by bringing his project and construction management experience into the mix, but he also has an eye for detail being a portrait artist part-time.

Additionally, the former screen and theatre actor was second in New Zealand in 2010 for the Young Designer Awards, winning the kitchen category.

The father son relationship is a strong one in the business, and the pair have previously worked together in New Zealand, for the same company in project and construction management.

Everything is personal in this business, and Michael meets each client individually to look at the space he is designing for, before the magic really begins.

“Everything is personal in this business”

His work is art and he’s interested in the different geometries as well as the different ways the timber works. “When you look at it closely, you can see it’s Rolls Royce style. It takes tenacity. It’s like looking at a masterpiece.”