Our designer stone baths, basins and outdoor tubs are handcrafted to fit into any New Zealand bathroom or outdoor space for pure indulgence. Eden Stone bathware is inspired by tropical Indonesia and created using reclaimed crushed quartz, marble and stone – found close to its natural source. We’re looking after the nature we love, and as a result every bath is a unique work of sculptured art.


Using our new ‘Augmented Reality’ technology, we can show you in an instant, our impressive range of bathware and how it will look and fit exactly into your house. With the rendering of digital images or data onto real-world objects – our augmented reality app means you can either stand in store and watch your bathroom unfold, or do itself at home. This changes the game majorly and is perfect for deciding where to put your bath or basin, and which style will suit the shape of your room best.



“You can get right up close to it,” co-owner Matt Webb said, and inspect all the fine grains that have weaved themselves into the rock to create your luxurious masterpiece. But if you’re more of a tactile person then we have stockists nationwide, with experts who can show you some of the range in person. Our demand has been high since the business first opened 3-4 years ago, with orders currently booked up three months ahead, so it pays to be organised.



But take your time browsing through our calalogue and collections before making a decision, because with this many choices it could take awhile to soak it all up. The handmade nature of our baths means each will have slight colour variations and minor differences within the body under the smooth surface, creating absolute individuality.

Our designer range of handcrafted stone bathware will turn your personal space into a sanctuary. Featuring a distinct earthly feel with a subtle Terrazzo fleck throughout the finish, our baths and basins are as unique as you are.



Outdoor baths are becoming more and more popular and we now have fitted covers made from UV-resistant canvas, available in different colours. Black is now by far the most popular colour choice of bathware, but white still features in many homes – with our augmented reality you can see for yourself before you buy. “The people that buy our products want a real show piece in their bathroom.”

The darker colours show up more of the natural products engrained into the stone, and with 15 baths to choose from in our product range, there is a lot to think about. Another six basins have also been added to the range – doubling its size, so there are plenty of options to suit every style of house.



Manufactured offshore and in our own factory, with a distribution centre in Auckland, we have full control of our products from the time they are made, to the minute they arrive at your door.