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A1 Homes Waikato

The Kiwi dream has come a long way since the elusive quarter acre. That’s why we’re proud to still be able to provide a Kiwi solution for your first home, second home, a home where you need a bit more home, or even your home away from home.

A1 Homes has been proudly building Kiwi homes, using all of the right stuff, for over 15 years.

We offer a range of designs from 60 to 250 square metres. These can be built straight from the plans, or we can use them as inspiration to create your own Kiwi dream.


With A1 Built homes, we will take care of everything associated with the build project. Simply choose from one of our plans, or work with us to modify one to suit your needs, and then turn the entire running of the build over to us.

You will always be involved in the wonderfully inspiring process of building your home, while we take care of the day-to-day development. It is an entirely transparent process and we will keep you up to date at every step of the way.



We have our core values like any business does. Our company purpose is ‘our family creating value for your family’ and in doing so, creating value for all.

A1 Homes picked up a Gold Award and was a regional category winner (up to $450,000) in the 2021 Registered Master Builder of the Year awards, for a 131 sqm Wairarapa home – proving that good things come in small packages.

At A1 Homes we’re loved up and down the country.