Fearon Hay

Fearon Hay

Te Pakeke is located in the southern township of Wanaka surrounded by the lake and mountains, designed primarily as winter retreat.

The house is set within a courtyard perimeter wall, providing layers of space for occupants as an extension of house whilst also providing shelter from cold prevailing winds.

Solid concrete walls and glazed openings are strategically placed to control the views enjoyed from the house, while perforated shutters provide layers of filter and shading or alternatively can be folded to open up the house.

A warm rich palette including concrete, timber and steel has been used to create sense of solidity while providing warmth and timelessness in reference to mountain cabins.

Fearon Hay is a design-led studio undertaking a broad range of projects across diverse environments.  With studios in Auckland and Los Angeles, the company is engaged in projects worldwide.

Tim Hay and Jeff Fearon founded the practice in 1998 as a way to enable their combined involvement in the design and delivery of each project alongside.

In 2018 Olivia Williams came onboard to head the Los Angeles branch, and together they lead an international team of experienced designers.

The studio approaches each project with a commitment to design and excellence, a thoughtful consideration of site and place, and and inventive sense of creativity.

From designing commercial spaces for business clients, to working on complex heritage projects and more bespoke work for hospitality as well as private homes, our work has received extensive recognition in international award programmes.



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