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Whangamata Woodworks

Our latest technology will transform your new space from design right through to end product with our amazing range of services. 

Mastercraft Kitchens Whangamata offers a complete range of interesting features for your kitchen, laundry, shelving spaces and wardrobes with our design and installation services.

We pride ourselves on being able to work within your budget by having a comprehensive and wide selection of options for you to choose from. 


Sourcing bars, benchtops, cabinets, drawers, fittings, frames and all the finishes – we have a massive supplier chain that we work from both nationally and overseas. 

With our latest technology, we can show you exactly how the space will look digitally, and offer you a range of options to work with.

From cabinet making, machining and maintenance to painting, re-modelling, renovations and restorations, we specialise in a whole variety of commercial and residential services.


Our joinery services also extend to the manufacture and supply of pre-hung doors, custom-made staircases and handrails.   You can choose whether they are made in our factory completely, or fully installed at your home by our expert joiner.

Cavity-sliders, barn doors, and hand crafted handles all have their individual appeal in your home, and become a statement piece.   We’ll take care of everything, right own to the locks and accessories.



Owned by Clive and Sue Roberts, Mastercraft Kitchens Whangamata has a well deserved reputation for exceptional quality and a strong customer service focus. The experience of our manufacturing personnel and the high level of local support we receive is testament to our business success.

We pride ourselves in fostering a relationship with our clients to make your dreams a reality. A high level of client satisfaction demonstrates our ability to meet our clients’ needs, with many of our clients returning with their second or third kitchen remodelling projects.