As Nature Intended

Donaldson Pools

When Nigel Donaldson walks onto a new client’s property, he can instantly visualise where their designer pool should be built. 

Specialising in landscaped swimming pools with natural waterfalls and rock features, Donaldson Pools are individually designed and engineered to fit the contours of your property.

Completely transforming your outdoor space into an oasis for you to enjoy, Nigel Donaldson has been creating designer pools for over 40 years.

He and the team will design something to fit your outdoor space with its own unique features, and that works with your own individual style.

With a strong landscaping background, Nigel also trained as a plasterer many years ago, so he understands all about working with concrete.

Servicing Southern and Eastern Auckland as well as the Waikato, their pool shells are made from reinforced spray concrete, enabling them to provide quality built swimming pools of any shape or size.

“I just love what I do, and particularly seeing the look on the faces of people when they’re finished is so satisfying.”

With his vision, Nigel takes special care to understand the clients needs, and gets immense satisfaction in seeing the finished product being used by very happy customers. 

“These look particularly good on the side of a hill with a view,” he said.

Many of his clients are farmers or people with lifestyle blocks, because to build one of these designer pools you need a lot of space. 

Anybody wanting to inject both some fun and tranquility into their lives should get in touch with the company.

“We will look after our customers throughout the whole process. Our consultative approach to pool design is understanding the lifestyle and needs of our clients, and to provide quality built swimming pools that enhance your property.”

If you are interested in adding that extra bit of luxury into your lives, and are looking for a special designer pool that fits your lifestyle, then Donaldson Pools can most certainly help.

Keep a look out later in 2023 for a brand new design that includes a spa pool inside a cave – one of the company’s most elaborate designs yet.