A Coastal Marvel

Bonham Architecture & Interiors

From the moment you step inside, the evolution unfolds in breathtaking detail. The renovation encompasses a pristine new kitchen, three luxurious bathrooms, a flooring symphony, and an illuminating lighting scheme that bathes every corner in brilliance. But that’s just the beginning.

Prepare to be swept away by the transformation of this exquisite beachfront haven. Nestled in the serene embrace of Milford Beach, this four-bedroom family retreat has undergone a complete rejuvenation under the expert guidance of Bonham Group.

Each piece of furniture has been handpicked with a discerning eye, infusing the space with an ambiance reminiscent of the laid-back elegance of Malibu, while maintaining an international allure that transcends borders. Bonham Group’s ingenuity shines through in custom furniture creations that seamlessly coexist with iconic design classics sourced from distant shores.

Meticulous attention has been devoted to materials, textures, and form, crafting a timeless sanctuary destined for enduring living and boundless enjoyment. Step into a world where the beauty of Milford Beach converges with the coastal chic of Malibu – a realm where Group has woven a masterpiece, a coastal gem that beckons you to savor life’s moments for years to come.